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Year 4

Introduction - September 2017 - Miss Jeavons

A warm welcome to Year 4. As the children enter Year 4 they will be continuing their powerful learning journey. Throughout this year the children will build upon and extend their learning skills across the whole curriculum. The children will continue to deepen their understanding of learning and how they apply their powerful learning skills.

Key Stage 2 comprises of Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, ICT, R.E., P.E., Art, D&T and Music. During the staggered drop off in the morning the children will come in to complete morning maths activities which are differentiated to meet the children’s abilities.

As part of our P.E curriculum all children in Year 4 will go swimming in the Spring Term on a Wednesday morning. Details of swimming will be forwarded to all parents via a letter at the beginning of the term. They will have their PE session during this time in the Autumn and Summer Term.

Geography, History, RE, Science will be taught under the heading Knowledge and Understanding of the World. They will still be taught Literacy and Numeracy skills in the morning but they will also be given opportunity to apply these in other subjects. Grouping areas of learning will help the children to explore the world around them in a meaningful way. Children will still undertake GANAS projects but they won't always be on History or Geography. As with all home learning we like the children to talk about their learning with you outside of school as this reinforces their learning experiences.


If you wish to speak to Miss Jeavons please do not hesitate to do so either by coming to the school office before the day begins at 8:45 or after the day has ended, or leave a note in their learning journal as these are looked at weekly.

P.E. Timetable

Wednesday (when not swimming) 9.30 – 10.30
Friday afternoon

  • Children will need the following:
  • School P.E. shorts
  • School P.E. T–shirt
  • Black pumps and/or trainers
  • Jogging bottoms and jumper (school PE Hoodie is also available) for outdoor activities during winter

Please ensure that your child's P.E. kit is always available in school

School P.E. shirts and T–shirts can be purchased from the school office

Tuck Shop

At morning break the children will still have the opportunity to eat a piece of fruit however they also have the opportunity if they want to purchase items such as toast, milk and teacakes from the tuck shop.


Since 2005 it has been a legal requirement that all teaching staff receive 10% Planning Preparation and Assessment time in a week (PPA). We have also seen this as a real positive and an opportunity for staff development as well as ensuring the children receive a quality learning experience. This year PPA will be on a Thursday afternoon when Mrs Holland will be teaching the children Art and D and T.


Daily home reading


Lists of words sent home weekly according to spelling groups

Mental Mathematics

Every week a maths activity will be sent home to consolidate Numeracy recall.

Home Learning

Home Learning will be set on a Thursday to be completed and returned the following Tuesday.

Knowledge and Understanding

As part of our Knowledge and Understanding teaching we will encourage children to learn outside of school. This may take the form research, discussion and responding in a way appropriate to their age. Any outcomes produced can be brought into school and/or recorded in their home learning journal.

School Uniform

We are all really proud of the way our children look in school. The vast majority of children wear their uniform with great pride and this is often commented upon when our children are out of school on trips and visits. Please can you continue to support our school uniform policy as not only does it look smart but it gives our school a real identity.