What you say about us

Dear Mr Fisher

So impressed was I with the behaviour and attitude of your Year 5 and 6 pupils when they visited us at Birmingham Botanical gardens last week, that I felt necessary to write and congratulate your school and ask you to pass on my congratulations to the pupils in question.

They were all so excited and enthusiastic and their behaviour and attitude was impeccable as they remained engaged throughout. Furthermore, they were all extremely polite and courteous to members of the public, Garden’s staff and other school children as they undertook activities around the site.

Dear Mr Fisher

I’ve been meaning to drop you a line for ages.  Pretty much since Matt and Kate left Oakridge which was in 2011.  I know you are always interested in past pupils and am hoping that you remember them?  I just want to share their success with you as I believe it in no small part reflects the fantastic few years they had at Oakridge.

They are now in Y12 at Walton and both are taking Maths, Biology and Physics.  Matt has added Chemistry and General Studies to his haul too.  Both did brilliantly in their GSCEs, with Matt getting 12 A*s and Katie 10 A*s and 2 As.  Matt was top student and Katie second.  We really couldn’t have asked for any more than that.  Neither are quite sure what they want to do when they finish A levels – Katie possibly accountancy, Matt probably aeronautical engineering.

Matt still does as much sport as he can.  He played football, cricket and rugby for the school and continues with his club memberships too.  Katie enjoys exercise in general and last year won the ladies U21 Stafford 10k race.  They both like socialising and have a nice circle of friends (quite a few ex Oakridge pupils amongst them), hold down part-time jobs, are currently leaning to drive and we are told by others they are well mannered and lovely to be around.  They are not perfect – we have many a tantrum and teenage strop and they squabble nonstop – but they are well rounded individuals who fill us with immeasurable joy and pride.

The main purpose of this note was not to brag too much about my children (although I have done a pretty good job with that …..) but to thank you and your team for the amazing start which Oakridge gave them.  We are so grateful they had the opportunity to attend your school and the key values which they took away – a positive attitude, reach for the stars and of course the 4 R’s – will stay with them and stand them in good stead throughout their lives.

We still follow with interest what is happening at the school and are delighted with its continued success.

Wishing you all the very best

Warm regards

Sue Phelines

Hi Mrs Holland

Your year 5’s were an absolute pleasure to teach yesterday. I am so glad that they enjoyed themselves and the biscuits. They were so well behaved, well-mannered and worked extremely hard. They should be very proud of themselves. Thank you for bringing such lovely students to us and for arranging the visit. I do hope we can do similar in the future with you.

Thank you for checking regarding the use of pictures. I will endeavour to try to put up a small display before the end of term and also to write a little newsletter article. I may just take you up on some more pictures nearer the time thank you.

I hope all the students enjoyed eating their wonderful biscuits at home last night.

Tracy – Walton High School


Dear Mr Fisher,

We would like to thank all the staff at Oakridge for dedicating such time, energy and effort into Milly's education.

During her time at Oakridge Milly has been encouraged, supported and challenged. She has been given endless opportunities to enrich her learning, show her strengths and be inspired.

Milly is leaving Oakridge with a love of learning, belief in herself and a desire to succeed. We couldn't ask for anymore. (Apart from an Oakridge High School!!)

Enjoy a well earned break!

Liz and Ashley Holland

Mr Fisher,

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity given to Greg at Oakridge.

This week Greg has been the most talkative in a long time, giving me lots of animated information about his day - this is most unusual, I dont usually hear much about his day at Walton. Its just wonderful to hear and see him so driven even to getting up in the morning, he clearly looks forward to his day at Oakridge.

I know that Greg has valued this time at your school and I just wanted to say thank you!


Theresa Newman

Dear Mr Fisher and all the Staff,

Please pass on our compliments to all the staff and children for the amazing concert tonight.

For the first time in many years, I stood on the balcony. Spellbound. When you closed your eyes you felt like the childrens' voices could literally lift you; they rebounded off the rafters and sent a shiver down your spine!

A very memorable last performance! Thank you!

Enjoy a well deserved relaxing break!

Deb and Mark Ryde

Dear Mr Fisher

Please will you thank the children from Year 5 and 6 for giving us a very memorable and happy day on Remembrance Day. The song and singing by your soloist was very moving and captured the spirit of the day.

My husband and I were very impressed by the interest and knowledge shown by the children and their enthusiasm following their recent visit to London and the museum.

Thank you to James Lunn for inviting us and to all the staff who organised the day so well and the lovely lunch.

Yours sincerely

Roger and Pat Ashton

Dear Mr Fisher,  
I just wanted to say how absolutely wonderful the Foundation Nativity was today. I was so moved and astonished by the quality of the performance. Well done to everyone involved, it's given me back my Christmas mojo!  It was truly one of the best experiences of my life!!-Thank you.  
I would also really like to say a big thank you to you and all the nursery staff in making Amelie so happy and settled in at school. She absolutely loves it and it means the world to me to be able to leave her each day and be at work knowing she is safe and happy where she is. She has told me she loves all of her teachers and I know she really means it. She now has such a passion for learning and thanks to you and your wonderful staff, she has the very best start in life.  
Thank you again and Merry Christmas!!  

Best wishes


Dear Mr Fisher,

Just a quick note to say thank you for another great year at Oakridge. Olivia and Freddie have thoroughly enjoyed their year and have made great progress. We very much appreciate the staff and the way the school is run.  
Have a great break,

Simon & Wendy Bonney

Dear Mr Fisher

As we near the end of Heather’s time at Oakridge I would like to thank you and all of the Oakridge staff for what can only be described as an outstanding level of educational, learning and extracurricular activities.    
The decision to move Heather from a very good local school was not taken lightly and she may well have achieved the same or similar results in her SATS had she remained.  However, what Oakridge has given her is much wider than SATS attainment – it has enabled her to build a firm foundation for learning that she will take with her throughout her life, and which I’m certain she will find invaluable whilst at Walton and beyond.  Oakridge has also encouraged her to build on her strengths, but more importantly she has learnt to recognise the areas that needed some development, and to develop strategies and the resilience she needed to cope with challenges.   
It was evident from the prospective parent visit to the school we attended back in 2007 that Oakridge could offer something that I’d not seen in any other school.  The sheer will and determination of every member of staff at Oakridge to recognise each individual child’s talents and enable them to develop and flourish seems almost tangible.  Coupled with this, I’ve seen at first hand that all staff are also passionate about their own learning and development and they are enthusiastic to share their knowledge and skills.   
Parents aren’t left out of the equation either as the school goes to a lot of trouble to encourage parents to actively participate in their child’s learning.  So I have also enjoyed learning about topics as diverse as the Crimean War, Global Warming, the Easter uprising, Stafford, Liverpool and the slave trade (although perhaps I now know more about Liverpool FC than I really wanted to!). I’ve even found myself using the four Rs at work and learnt that it’s never too late to start being reflective; “manage your distractions” has also become a common phrase in the Wilson household!   
I firmly believe that Oakridge is a unique learning community infusing a joy of learning.  It has been such a pleasure to see Heather’s development over the last four years, and I feel privileged and proud that my children have attended Oakridge.    
Once again, thank you.  


Sue Wilson

Hello Mr Fisher 

Thank for another great visit to your school, I always come out smiling and it confirms my view of what the experience should be like for all children. 
I read the blue posters as I drank my tea and thought wouldn't it be great if we had the power to ensure all children had a 'Disney Land' experience of education. Read all the messages in your entrance hall and believe in them yourself! 


Dear Mr Fisher

Can we take this opportunity to say thank you to you and your staff for your hard work and dedication in creating what Meg said was an 'amazing experience.' Children at Oakridge are very fortunate to have the enrichment you provide.  
Regards and best wishes  

Alison and Adrian Colclough

Hi Mr Fisher

Hope you are well and you have arrived safely back in England. It was great having you all here. Have to say you are the BEST GROUP EVER!


Dear Sir/Madam

I hope your group enjoyed their visit to Croke Park Stadium today. In my twenty years of taking groups around Croke Park your children were without doubt the best I have ever worked with. Superb!  
The group did have a query and we’re delighted to answer it as follows:  
Re: Why 1910 All-Ireland Football final wasn’t played The reason that year’s final didn’t take place is that one of finalists (Kerry) refused to travel for the final.   
Kind Regards

John Hayes

Mr Fisher,   

Just a quick note to offer our thanks to you and your team of staff that were involved in the trip to Ireland.  
Leah arrived home and firstly talked us through all of the places of interest you had visited . She was able to enlighten us with facts from each place and showed really enthusiam when talking about the sketchings they had done at Monasterboice, how awesome the Bru na Boinne trip had been, how 'huge' Croake Park was and how the sense of sadness hit her when she walked around Kilmainham Gaol. We were struck by Leah's ability to offer her opinion on all the places and how much she had taken in with regard to the history and meaning attached to them.  
And then the stories began..... the game of 'hide in the tall grass', 'cookies' the fact that Harvey scored in the goal net when he had been instructed to score through the posts to even things up and the dramatic reaction that followed from her 'very competative headteacher!' (her words , not mine!). The song that you sang to them on the bus journey home!  The general sense of fun , love and laughter that came through in every story she has told has indicated to us that she has had the most amazing time and has memories that have 'Lifelong' stamped all over them.  
I know these trips don't just happen or in fact this particular trip doesn't need to happen but the fact that it does and that so much care and attention goes into it, allows the children to experiance life enriching memories.   
Once again Thank you all for your commitment and for taking such great care of them!  
Kind regards   

Paul & Becki Hollins.

Mr Fisher,  

I wanted to write to say how awesome the Year 6 assembly was this morning.  I was so proud, not just of Lucy, but of the whole class. It was wonderful to see and hear what a great time they had in Ireland.  I left Oakridge with a huge smile and it was still there when I arrived at my office in Stoke. Thank you to all of the staff for making their time at Oakridge so enjoyable. Kind regards

Jeff Thompson

Dear Mr Fisher 

Last nights production was truly brilliant what a talented year 6.  All parents must be so proud given the amount of time you had to put it all together the costumes were stunning. ……Best night out in ages. 
Hope you have a lovely summer break and recharge yourself ready to do it all again in September.!!!!!!!!  

Laura Fidgett 

Dear Mr Fisher

Oakridge has given Olivia a fantastic start to her education and she truly loved her time there .It is a very special school and as parents we could not be happier with it or the way that it is run. Our sincere thanks to you and your staff.  

Simon & Wendy Bonney

Dear Mr Fisher  

I could not let the school year end without writing to thank you and your Team at Oakridge for the outstanding (and I mean outstanding) education you have provided to both Harry & Rebecca. I hope I speak with some authority here as through my job, I have been involved for over 20 years with several independent schools and you know what, if they were out on the athletics track with Oakridge, they would be trailing well behind. Harry of course left 7 years ago but still fondly speaks of his time at Oakridge and now its the end of an era for us as Rebecca leaves this year. And, what a year and indeed 14 years its been! Not only has Oakridge provided a first class education, you and your Team have provided strong discipline and pastoral care, and equipped the children to survive in a competitive and often tumultuous world. The values they have acquired during their time at Oakridge will stay with them for life. It would be remiss of me to not mention here the sporting ethos the School has developed under the leadership of Mr & Mrs Thomas. Physical fitness goes hand in hand with academic studies and the two complement each other essentially.   
And, one final thing; don’t ever lose that sense of humour (anyone who like Madness has to have one) nor that unique ability you have to both motivate and inspire.  
With best wishes,  

Ian & Helen Fitzjohn

Hi Mr Fisher  

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how proud of William we both were last night in his performance of Mamma Mia.  It truly was an inspirational experience.    
Looking forward to the Leavers Assembly tomorrow evening, see you then  

Chris Campbell
Senior Teacher
Rugeley School 

Dear Mr Fisher

Thank you for the invitation to this afternoon's performance of Mama Mia.  I thoroughly enjoyed the children's singing and dancing and know how much effort has been made by pupils and staff to produce such a wonderful performance.     
Your school motto states - reach for the stars - well, this afternoon - the stars  were on the stage and in the choir.
Best wishes

Gill Pearson (No.6)

Hello Mr Fisher

It's not often that words fail me and I'm left speechless, but tonight's performance was (to use our word of the moment) OUTSTANDING. Probably the best yet. The children worked so hard and their effort shone through. Just their commitment to being the best they possibly could be was magnificent. I'm running out of superlatives now, but it was quite a humbling experience remembering that these are 10 and 11 year olds.  
Well done to all of the children, but also to the staff involved in producing such a show.  

Andy Chell

Dear Mr Fisher

May I congratulate you, your staff and the children who put on a wonderful performance of Mamma Mia.   We were there on Wednesday lunchtime and were surprised at how talented, energetic and sporting they all were. They are to be commended, a truly exciting  foot tapping afternoon. It takes a great deal of courage for children to stand up and sing and dance in front of so many strangers, they did you proud.   How nice to see so many people there to support the children, we were there for our granddaughter Cerys Reiger, her sister Sadie also attends your school.  It is plain to see you run a Happy School, long may it continue.   With kind regards

Mrs Ilma and Mr Chris Cliff

Dear Mr Fisher  

I wanted to write to congratulate the school on another marvellous year and an amazing Ofsted report which was well deserved. Adam has really enjoyed going to school, although whenever we ask him what he has done his answer is "I don't know." Funnily enough, the only time he does tell us about his day is when he has been in trouble and sent to Mr Fisher. Fortunately those occasions have been fewer more recently. Either that or he doesn't tell us anymore.  
I want to thank all the staff that have been involved in Adam's education this year (I won't mention names as I am bound to miss someone out). I know that he can be difficult at times, but  on the whole he has had some amazing achievements and performed well in all areas. We are very pleased!  
If you do happen to pick up this message today during their INSET please pass this message on to the staff. I wish you all a fantastic and well earned break.   
Kind regards  

Graham Beckett

Hi Mr Fisher

Just wanted to write to say a great big thank you to you and all the staff for all your help, support and dedication that I have had the pleasure of being part of for the last 17 years. After so long its really difficult to put into words what an amazing journey it has been. This last week in particular has been truly inspirational. The children and the staff are outstanding in all that they achieve. Mamma Mia was fantastic, so well choreographed and a real uplifter. I could clearly see how much the children have enjoyed being part of everything they do at Oakridge. I am sure you all will continue to do great things and keep reaching for those stars. We will miss being part of it all but wish you and all the staff the very best for the future. love and best wishes

Helen and all the Jones family.

Dear Mr Fisher,   

On the 12th November we came to Oakridge for the open day and just wanted to e-mail you to thank you for the lovely visit. We're currently in the process of moving back from China and were looking for schools for our children when we come. It's a bit tricky due to finding a property within the catchement area, but I was so in love with your school we're going to try our best.  
Thank you again and really hope to see you again, hopefully once our daughter is enrolled!. Kind regards.  

Lucy Luk

Another breath taking outstanding performance from all. The children were amazing. The work, time and dedication from the whole teaching team is inspiring and commendable. I'm sure if more families of the fallen had had the privilege of sharing this experience of the final piece I believe they would want to say thank you like us.  Thank you for teaching our children respect,dignity and how to remember the important things in life .   
Merry Christmas to one and all.   

Mr and Mrs Hodgkins

Dear Mr Fisher

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, the staff and the children of Oakridge for an absolutely wonderful evening It is brilliant for us (My wife Debbie and I) to see both our children Ruby and Hannah having such a wonderful time with the school, enjoying themselves whilst singing 
their hearts out with all the other children - it is the start to the Christmas celebrations for us and a brilliant experience. Please pass on out thanks in particular to Mrs Price, Mrs Collins and Miss Homer for making it such a night to remember
Merry Christmas

Rob Walters

I must say that I feel overwhelmed and emotional after the fantastic performance tonight by key stage 2 (and it's not because it was my last concert, because I've worked out I've got another 6 to go!).  
Whoever thought up and arranged the 'Silent Night Altogether Now' combination is a musical genius - it just gets more magical each year!  
If I don't see you before have a lovely Christmas.  


Dear Mr Fisher

Nick and I just wanted to say well done and thank you for a lovely carol concert I cried!  No surprise there eh! Mrs Price is amazing on the piano  and Mrs Collins did a fabulous job conducting Isobel Roach and co. The performances of the soloists made me cry with their beautiful singing. Well done to you all! Please can you   pass on our congratulations and thanks to all the staff in Key Stage 2. I feel in the Christmas mood now!

Hi Mr Fisher 

I have just got in from an amazing concert at the church in Baswich. It was amazingly outstanding.  We really enjoyed it. Probably the best Christmas concert we have ever been to. What an amazing school that works together on such an unbelievable way.   It was a privilege to be there.  . 
Thank you to everyone.
God bless

Rob and Ruth. 

Dear Mr Fisher,  

Just a quick email to say we thought the Oakfest was a great idea and a great success.  
Freddie thoroughly enjoyed the event as we did. Olivia still loves to come back to Oakridge as she has many fond memories.  
Thank you to all the staff and especially to Mrs Holland.  
Look forward to oakfest 2016!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha  
Best regards,  

The Bonney's

Mr Fisher  

Thursday was a lovely day and evening for the children and I’m sure it’s something they will remember for a long time.  I can imagine a lot of preparation went into such an event but it certainly paid off.  Whilst my job allows me to visit many brilliant schools and work with lots of amazing head teachers on a daily basis…….  I always feel so lucky that my boys got the opportunity to attend Oakridge and participate in all the additional activities that you offer.  Im sure you and the staff had a few sleepless nights anticipating the event but it was really fab.   
Many thanks and Kind regards    

Laura Fidgett

To all the staff and helpers at oakridge  
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your efforts   
Over the past few weeks we have enjoyed the induction evening, a visit to reception and oak fest   
As Bria said last night when we put her to bed 'oakridge is the best school ever'  
Kind regards  

Simon Katie Bria and Amber Kidd

We would just like to pass on our huge thanks for a fantastic day and evening at Oakfest! We feel very privileged that Zak was part of such a 
fantastic event which would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all the staff. You have all gone over and above your 'day jobs' to create an amazing day and evening!  
Oakfest rocked!!!
Kind Regards

Lucy & Darren Tony & Judith (Papa & Granny)

Mr Fisher  

I feel compelled to write to you again to thank you and your staff for guiding us, both the parents and the children through this week - some of us are making this transition and this journey for the first time so we needed a bit of help.  
It seems like I have spent more time at school this week than I have at work but I would not of missed a minute of it - not one - we spoke earlier today at the sporting assembly and you mentioned the sense of belonging the children have for the school, the love they collectively share and the sorrow they must be feeling as they move on but I feel that Oakridge has equipped them all to move on, to flourish wherever they choose to go to and to be the very best they can in their future lives.  
It's funny for us - we feel that Hannah is more than ready and more than capable for high school and to face up to the challenges that will bring - we also know that Ruby will emerge in year 5 from Hannah's shadow with help from you, Mrs Price and the rest of your team and that she will grab her opportunities head on with vigour, enthusiasm and gusto - just like her big sister did.   
Both Deb and I were very impressed with the words you used to describe Hannah - you captured her perfectly 'attention to detail', 'meticulous', '99% never good enough' - thank you for that - you truly know Hannah very well - as you do all the children at your school.  
Some people say we have been lucky to have our girls at Oakridge but in truth luck never entered into it as Deb made sure there would be no near misses when it came to applying for entry to the school because we moved house when Hannah was only 3 months old to ensure we were close enough to Oakridge to have a chance of getting in and we've never looked back. As moms - do she started planning early even before Hannah was born and we also see those plans within school, nothing is ever left to chance - rest assured we recommend Oakridge to everyone who asks us - especially when they ask which school is the best Primary school in Staffordshire.  
Anyway - we all hope you have a wonderful summer and that your new ventures at Edge Hill University don't keep you away too much from working with and inspiring the children at Oakridge Primary School.

Dear Mr Fisher

I felt I had to write to you today following the Year 6 leavers assembly yesterday evening.  
I wanted to say what a very emotional evening it was.  The children, each and everyone of them were absolutely fantastic.  
You conducted the assembly superbly and the words that were spoken were very heartfelt and perfectly fitting.  
You are truly an amazing headteacher and all the teachers and other staff at your school are an absolute credit to you Mr Fisher.  
I am incredibly proud of my son, Gabriel and I could not of wished for a better school for him to have attended for the past seven years.  He has matured into a very caring, and hard working young man and I know the values he has learnt from everyone at Oakridge will follow him when he attends Walton in the autumn.  
Whilst walking home last night from the leavers assembly Gabriel spoke very fondly about everyone at school and what touched my heart were his words:  
"Mommy, Oakridge is not just a school, it is a family! I love my family at school and if I could, I would go there all over again because I love it so much!"  
Thank you once again Mr Fisher.  I know in my heart that Gabriel will do you proud at Walton and I am sure that my younger son Tobias will thoroughly enjoy his school life at Oakridge and my youngest son Harrison when he is able to attend mainstream school will love Oakridge just as much as we all do!  
Kindest Regards to you and have a fantastic summer holidays!  

Louise Baughan

Dear Mr Fisher

My wife and I would like to thank you for giving both our daughters the best start to their education any parent could ask for. You sold the school to us on our  very first visit with your enthusiasm and passion for education. At the time the building was not in great shape but we saw past that and trusted what you were saying. Having struggled to get Maddison in I think made us appreciate the school all the more and so we instilled into the girls that they were lucky to be there and to make everyday count.    After being in the school for ten years we still feel welcome and love the place just as much as we did in the beginning. Your passion is still the same as it was back then. 
The outpouring of emotion from the children last night shows just how they feel to be leaving what has become a second home to them.   Mr and Mrs Thomas have been fantastic and take sport to another level. Miss Homer has helped us to get both girls where they wanted to go, fantastic lady. The whole team put in their all and share a passion for the children to do well. They are a credit to the school.   Oakridge is a real gem both for Staffordshire and for education. It has been one of the best decisions we have made and we wouldn’t change any of the last ten years. The miles we have done and the time spent driving have been hard at times but well worth it.   We are so proud of our girls and what they can now achieve because of their years spent at Oakridge. Maddison has taken the skills she has been taught  to high school and this has set her apart from other students in the school and I am sure Ebony will do the same.    Thank you once again for all your hard work and dedication.
Kind Regards

Mr and Mrs Seed

Dear Mr Fisher

I felt I had to write to you today following the Year 6 leavers assembly yesterday evening.  
I wanted to say what a very emotional evening it was.  The children, each and everyone of them were absolutely fantastic.  
You conducted the assembly superbly and the words that were spoken were very heartfelt and perfectly fitting.  
You are truly an amazing headteacher and all the teachers and other staff at your school are an absolute credit to you Mr Fisher.

Hello Mr Fisher  
I just wanted to say how proud I was as a parent tonight. The children were outstanding whilst singing, playing and reciting. I thought the whole performance was thoughtfully put together and the teachers should also be very proud, in particular Mrs Price.   
Your speech was also very inspirational and actually brought a few of the parents to tears. I think you touched on what's sometimes missing this time of year as its not just about the commercial side of Xmas that matters.   
Thanks Mr Fisher. Have a great Xmas yourself.   
Kind regards   

Ben and Julie

Dear Mr Fisher and all at Oakridge

This is a message that we would rather not bring. We are so sad to say that we are leaving Stafford and Oakridge due to a new job opportunity in the Buckinghamshire area. We are so sad to leave Oakridge and all the wonderful people who work there. You are all most excellent and truly outstanding. The boys have all enjoyed a wonderful education and you have taught all our family to ‘Reach for the stars.’ Thank you Warm regards

Halbo, Mei, Joshua, James and Joseph Chou