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Learning to Become Learners

We want children to see themselves as learners and have a passion for learning and knowledge.

Learning to learn is about creating children who know what being a learner looks and feels like. Our children are reflective practitioners who think about not only what they have learnt but how they went about learning it and the skills they used. Teachers are becoming less the imparter of knowledge and more a facilitator to learning, helping children to become creative and active learners.

We encourage children to share knowledge, teach others and surprising us with what they know. Our children see everyone as a possible source of information and value and respect others ideas whether that person is the teacher, teaching assistant, a member of our school community or another child in the class.

"Thank you for an excellent morning we got so much from the children, they were excellent a great credit to the school"
Ian Goodwin, Headteacher Endon Hall

GANAS - A Passion for Learning

GANAS, Spanish for passion. Personalised learning is about tailoring education to individual need, interest and aptitude so as to ensure that every pupil has an intrinsic desire to achieve and reaches their star.

At Oakridge we learn through units which interest the children from ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ in Year 1 and 2, where they look at the rights of soldiers in the Crimean War to how Mary Secole was treated compared to Florence Nightingale, to Eureka in Year 3 and 4, where children investigate how everyday items have been developed over time. In Years 5 and 6 the children investigate viewpoints of slavery through studying the locality of Liverpool as well as the impact of World War 2 on our lives today.

In Key Stage 2 within each of these units children undertake GANAS projects, where they decide what they would like to find out about the area they are learning about and can present it in any way they want to, from PowerPoint presentations to models. This means that their learning is intrinsic – something which they were passionate about.

Whole School Values and Learning Expectations

We would like our children to go into the wider world as well rounded and happy, aspirational and forward thinking, responsible citizens who remain life long learners adaptable to the changing technological advances

As a community we are all responsible for helping our children become life long learners. An important part of this process is for our children to understand the values we would all like our school, National and global communities to live by. While learning at school children will be making links with our values and how they fit into the wider world.

You play a very important role in reinforcing this as values don't finish when children go home at 3:20. Your role is to help our children make the links between what goes on in their lives outside of school and the behaviours that we are encouraging the children to develop inside of school.

We understand that the way children are learning today is very different to how we learned at school and that change isn't always easy but it's important that we carry on this journey together as it has huge benefits for the children.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that children can be so confident and articulate about their own learning and it is really important that you help to encourage this outside of school as well.