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Spelling, Reading and Phonics

Phonics Scheme – Nursery to Year 1

At Oakridge Primary School, we use the Department for Education ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme for teaching phonics from Nursery to Y1.  To supplement the guidance in Letters and Sounds, we use the Jolly Phonics resource to provide a multi-sensory, synthetic approach.  This has been proven to be a highly effective way to teach children to read and write at an early age. When reading a word, children recognise the letters and blend together the respective sounds; when writing a word they identify the sounds and write down the corresponding letters.  Research shows that the progress made by children using this type of approach far exceeds that of children not taught using a synthetic phonics approach.

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Year 2 to Year 6

Aspects of the Letters and Sounds programme continue to be taught during Year 2.

From Year 2 onwards, we use the Read, Write, Inc spelling scheme.  Although the teaching of phoneme-grapheme correspondence underpins this programme, it also develops children’s knowledge of word families, how suffixes impact upon root words, and provides mnemonics to remember the trickiest spellings.

The teaching revolves around instruction, partner and group practice, and competitive group challenges that help children commit new words to memory. 

To allow children to practice spellings at home, children will bring home a ‘super spelling’ book.  This starts during Reception, at the point that children are able to read the words