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We believe in making our children world-class learners by providing a ‘Disney Land’ curriculum with a fantastic range of opportunities which engage, enrich and excite them as learners. Our curriculum therefore must provide the tools for children to be able to learn by allowing them to master basic skills such as reading, writing and understanding number. However, our curriculum provides a purpose and relevance for learning, offering opportunities which instigate a love of learning, encouraging creative and critical thinking. High expectations and levels of challenge are present in all that we do, engendering an intrinsic sense of personal pride in achievement amongst our children.

Through our values, there is a focus on developing children’s moral, spiritual, social and cultural understanding, as well as developing personal attributes such as resilience, empathy and honesty.

We aim to deliver a connected curriculum which ensures that children make progress throughout their learning journey, making links between areas of learning and ultimately between themselves and the world around them. We ensure that we explore concepts deeply and make every effort to give children the language and vocabulary to engage with learning, within the classroom and beyond. We enrich the curriculum with first-hand experiences such as trips, visits or speakers with the intention of providing knowledge and skills, as well as building aspirations for future life.

Through the learning experiences provided, we aim for our children to be able to think independently, appreciate the world around them and ultimately live happy and successful lives, making a positive contribution to their society, to be well prepared for life in modern Britain.

The intent of our curriculum is based on the context of our school and the needs of our pupils. We underpin this intent with 4 key curriculum drivers:

  1. Developing Lifelong Learners
  2. Enrichment
  3. Making a Positive Contribution
  4. Developing Character

Please find our Curriculum Policy here.

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