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Dear Mr Fisher

It is with great sadness that we write to you for likely the final time.  With Kitty leaving Oakridge today our family's 11 year Oakridge journey must come to an end.  It’s hard to imagine a life without Oakridge in it, but time waits for nobody & the next step in Kitty’s learning and life journey awaits her in September at Walton.  

It’s hard for us to find the words without being boorishly repetitive, so you’ll forgive us if we repeat some of the words along with every ounce of the sentiment that we expressed them in when Mackenzie left.  On reflection, isn’t that within itself a wonderful outcome?  Setting a standard is easy but doing it year-after-year requires something special.  We’re so pleased that in the 11 years we’ve enjoyed being part of the Oakridge community, the same high standards have been maintained throughout.  Both of our children have been blessed with the very best learning experience, one that I know they will always value and remember fondly.  That is the Oakridge legacy, of which you and your staff should be rightly very proud, long may it continue!      

Kitty has enjoyed herself very much at Oakridge, from the moment she arrived at nursery, through reception and onward, she has been given every opportunity to reach for the stars, both in her studies but also in the variety of sports she’s experienced and enjoyed.  You nailed it perfectly during the Y6 leavers assembly when you mentioned her determination, it’s a quality she displayed from a very early age, with it she will achieve whatever she chooses.  The fact that you know the children to this level is what makes you a fantastic headteacher, it’s fair to say, it’s not only the children that have been inspired by your words over the years - although the jury is very much out when it comes to your football team and jokes! 

The icing on the cake for Kitty was being picked to play Frankie in the Y6 end-of-year show.  As you know, both Mackenzie and Kitty have a passion for musical theatre.  Mackenzie is 4 years onward on his musical theatre journey, so Kitty sometimes lives in his shadow.  The confidence that Kitty has gained by being chosen to play Frankie and cast her own shadow has given her a huge boost, a boost that will last a very long time & potentially inspire her own musical theatre journey.

We wish you and your staff a wonderful summer break.  Whilst our time at Oakridge is now at an end "don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened” is the perfect sentiment in which to end 11 wonderful years of our children reaching for the stars at Oakridge. Thank you for everything in the last 11 years, a truly great school and one which we will all miss.

Matt and Trish

Dear Mr Fisher

Thank you so much for your commitment time and dedication to supporting Amelia’s academic performance since she joined Oakridge. I have been in total admiration of the hours that your staff put into helping the children in your care ‘Reach for the stars’. Much of this hard work is unseen but the results are clearly evident in the confident, well behaved, and bright children. Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to your staff for teaching Amelia new things even those which seemed unattainable for her. I will certainly miss Oakridge but I will be peaceful knowing Amelia was given such a great start at Oakridge. You are all truly inspirational!

Thank you

Dear Mr Fisher

Transitions are a time for reflection and a time for looking forward.

As we approach the end of the school year we want to send a message of thanks to all the staff and the outstanding professionalism shown by every single one of them at Oakridge.

Your staff are selfless and totally dedicated in ensuring that all children have the best education possible and what you do each and every day is not lost on any of us parents.

Most of all it was so apparent how well you all know the children at Oakridge.

I work with Repton and Derby Grammar and what Zach said last night was true, we get an incredible education which is right up there with the best and it is free. I tell our friends about all the opportunities that are afforded our children and they can’t believe it. Quite simply no school around here does what you do

I feel truly blessed that my son spent his primary school years at Oakridge, it helped shape him into who he is today because he has received the best the school has to offer, and for that we will remain truly grateful.

Dear Mr Fisher,

I just wanted to say how absolutely wonderful the Foundation Nativity was today. I was so moved and astonished by the quality of the performance. Well done to everyone involved, it's given me back my Christmas mojo! It was truly one of the best experiences of my life!!-Thank you.
I would also really like to say a big thank you to you and all the nursery staff in making Amelie so happy and settled in at school. She absolutely loves it and it means the world to me to be able to leave her each day and be at work knowing she is safe and happy where she is. She has told me she loves all of her teachers and I know she really means it. She now has such a passion for learning and thanks to you and your wonderful staff, she has the very best start in life.
Thank you again and Merry Christmas!!

Best wishes


Dear Mr Fisher

I just wanted to take a moment to express our thanks to you and your wonderful staff team for how warm and welcoming you have been to our girls, starting with you this term. They are thoroughly enjoying their time at Oakridge and come home animated and excited to share their learning and experiences each day.

In particular, the Stonehenge visit… what a wonderful experience and memory to have. Thank you so much for giving the children such a great opportunity.


Dear Mr Fisher

Thank you so much for your commitment time and dedication to supporting Amelia’s academic performance since she joined Oakridge. I have been in total admiration of the hours that your staff put into helping the children in your care ‘Reach for the Stars’. Much of this hard work is unseen but the results are clearly evident in the confident, well behaved, and bright children. Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to your staff for teaching Amelia new things even those which seemed unattainable for her. I will certainly miss Oakridge but I will be peaceful knowing Amelia was given such a great start at Oakridge. You are all truly inspirational!

Thank you

Dear Mr Fisher

I cannot believe that our time at Oakridge has come to an end. We can’t thank you enough for the outstanding and inspirational teaching that both Millie and Joe have received. Oakridge and everyone who works there will have a special place in all our hearts. We will all miss you but I know that whenever I hear (or sing) Reach for the stars, I will smile!

Thank you for everything, you have been the best headteacher.

Julie Jones

To Mr Fisher

We just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have done for our children – Amber, Harvey and Ruby over the past 16 years.

You are truly ‘one in a million’ and a headteacher they will never forget.

Oakridge Primary will always have a special place in our hearts and theirs and they will always remember to ‘reach for the stars.’

Thank you

Emma and Mark Challinor

Mr and Mrs Van Den Broecke

I’d just like to express our gratitude to Mr Fisher and all the staff today. In such odd circumstances, I felt the whole experience of a ‘very different school day’ was handled with care, compassion and professionalism. Both children were so excited leaving home today for school and are equally excited to go back tomorrow :)

Thank you for making their day as ‘normal’ as possible and for putting your fears aside to educated in a really positive way.

Dear Mr Fisher

As we near the end of Heather’s time at Oakridge I would like to thank you and all of the Oakridge staff for what can only be described as an outstanding level of educational, learning and extracurricular activities.

The decision to move Heather from a very good local school was not taken lightly and she may well have achieved the same or similar results in her SATS had she remained. However, what Oakridge has given her is much wider than SATS attainment – it has enabled her to build a firm foundation for learning that she will take with her throughout her life, and which I’m certain she will find invaluable whilst at Walton and beyond. Oakridge has also encouraged her to build on her strengths, but more importantly she has learnt to recognise the areas that needed some development, and to develop strategies and the resilience she needed to cope with challenges.

It was evident from the prospective parent visit to the school we attended back in 2007 that Oakridge could offer something that I’d not seen in any other school. The sheer will and determination of every member of staff at Oakridge to recognise each individual child’s talents and enable them to develop and flourish seems almost tangible. Coupled with this, I’ve seen at first hand that all staff are also passionate about their own learning and development and they are enthusiastic to share their knowledge and skills.

Parents aren’t left out of the equation either as the school goes to a lot of trouble to encourage parents to actively participate in their child’s learning. So I have also enjoyed learning about topics as diverse as the Crimean War, Global Warming, the Easter uprising, Stafford, Liverpool and the slave trade (although perhaps I now know more about Liverpool FC than I really wanted to!). I’ve even found myself using the four Rs at work and learnt that it’s never too late to start being reflective; “manage your distractions” has also become a common phrase in the Wilson household!
I firmly believe that Oakridge is a unique learning community infusing a joy of learning. It has been such a pleasure to see Heather’s development over the last four years, and I feel privileged and proud that my children have attended Oakridge.

Once again, thank you.




Dear Mr Fisher

We wanted to write to say thank you for everything you and your staff have done for our girls over the years.

We could not have asked for any more, and it is very difficult to find words to describe how grateful we are for the support and encouragement they have both received.

Oakridge has given them the best start in life and in particular, your commitment to offering them wonderful enrichment activities is a real credit to you in times of ever decreasing budgets.

Put simply, it is a terrific school with a terrific set of values, due directly to your passion to help them 'Reach for the Stars'.

Ellen & Ian

Dear Mr Fisher,

What a week we’ve had. Oakridge never fails to surprise me and I am honoured to have been part of this week’s celebrations for Reece’s last week at Oakridge.

I am so glad that Charlie is still at Oakridge so we’re not saying goodbye for good.

I would like to thank you for your support to Reece throughout his primary school years, you are truly an inspirational head teacher as are your staff and he will miss you greatly.

Hope you have a great summer holiday.

All the best.


Dear Mr Fisher and all the Staff,

Please pass on our compliments to all the staff and children for the amazing concert tonight.

For the first time in many years, I stood on the balcony. Spellbound. When you closed your eyes you felt like the childrens' voices could literally lift you; they rebounded off the rafters and sent a shiver down your spine!

A very memorable last performance! Thank you!

Enjoy a well deserved relaxing break!

Deb and Mark

Dear Mr Fisher,

Just a quick note to say thank you for another great year at Oakridge. Olivia and Freddie have thoroughly enjoyed their year and have made great progress. We very much appreciate the staff and the way the school is run.
Have a great break,

Simon & Wendy

Dear Mr Fisher and the whole team

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the team at Oakridge who have contributed to Jack and Williams early informative years. What a fantastic start they have had going through Oakridge school, knowing that anything and everything is possible and all the fabulous memories they have made along the way.

Walking back this evening with the boys they both said they wanted to go back to see the next musical at Oakridge and go to the summer fair. Clearly showing how they are invested in the future of the school. I hope we can come back!

We feel so fortunate to have been part of this golden experience at Oakridge, and we will enjoy looking back over the years at all the photos, certificates, golden books the boys have received.  My mum often says she loves reading the messages she and my dad get on their birthday and Christmas cards from the boys as they are written like an Oakridge golden book, lots of positive and reflections of the year.

Once again thank you and your team for such a wonderful time.

Hello Mr Fisher

Thank for another great visit to your school, I always come out smiling and it confirms my view of what the experience should be like for all children.
I read the blue posters as I drank my tea and thought wouldn't it be great if we had the power to ensure all children had a 'Disney Land' experience of education. Read all the messages in your entrance hall and believe in them yourself!


Hi Mr Fisher,

Thank you for your email regarding the potential partial re-opening of school. May I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the positive and uplifting approach in handling the current situation. The genuine care shown to all children, to progress with their studies through clear guidance and support, and the humour and fun all the staff have shared with the school community, has been incredible. We are very lucky and appreciative of belonging to such a lovely school.

Hi all,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you've done to make the return to school such a positive experience for both Chloë and Jack.

As I mentioned to Mrs Paynter on the gate yesterday, they were SO excited about coming in yesterday - they were acting as if they were going on holiday!!

To see the beaming smile on Jack's face when I collected them was just so, so reassuring and lovely. He excitedly told me about the bee/wasp nest in the outdoor area and how 'awesome' it was!

Chloë couldn't stop talking about all the amazing learning experiences she'd had with you Mrs Charlton - the senses learning, taste test (she LOVED that) and sound test. She thought the little 'friend' on her desk was such a lovely touch, and she also said it was brilliant how Mr Fisher talked through the walkie-talkie :-)

I just wanted to let you all know that it doesn't go unnoticed. We massively appreciate all the hard work and extra time you all put in to make the children so happy. With providing amazing home learning to the other children on top of that too! It's insane how much you're all doing at the moment.

Thanks again and see you all this week at some point.

Dear Mr Fisher and all the staff at Oakridge

We just wanted to express our deep appreciation for the way the staff at Oakridge continue to put so much in to bringing out the best in each and every pupil.

It has been especially noticed during this unusual, challenging period and everyone of you goes ‘above and beyond’ to give the children such an outstanding opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Your inspirational leadership and the dedication of each member of staff is truly a living example of the school motto… ‘Reach for the stars’!

Thank you for the positive differences you make to so many lives, everyday.

With best regards form

Bradley and Naomi Gilliland

Hello everyone

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your hard work, tremendous effort and support during the lockdown. The home learning has been amazing. We have so enjoyed the videos, presentations and activities.
We are probably the largest family in Oakridge, with four children in different year groups to home school. It certainly has been a challenge ! I am very grateful for all your ongoing support.
The smile video is amazing and really made us all smile. It is a true reflection of the fantastic and talented team of staff at Oakridge. You are a wonderful group of individuals who together make Oakridge what is ...... a fantastic school for our children.




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